Design for impact or go home!

Mana consists of designers, brand builders and entrepreneurs. We believe intention fuels potential. It is the minimal base for every collaboration. We partner up with likeminded organisations to realise new inspiring realities that drive positive change. Design for impact, or go home!


This is what we believe

Change is designable

Mana means 'the potential within'. Steve Jobs one said: "Life can be very limited if you take it as it is." Our modern world is designed by people. The fact that inclusivity, a sustainable future, fair trade, education, and so on, can be designed, is what makes us tick. 

Design for impact, or go home!

There is a difference between using change as a marketing asset and driving change to actually change things. We believe the world needs real change makers. Leaders who solely care about a better future and build a thriving business to realise it. 

Imagination is half the work

If you can't see it, you can't make it and you won't follow up on it. Visualisation creates a reasonable chance for new realities. At Mana we work with big social ideas to bring vision and intention together. They work as a compass for innovation. 

Attention makes great design

Great design can move people. Design is all about attention and empathy. We believe that when we truly understand a situation, we are able to create a better alternative. Trying is not enough. You really have to care to create a new reality that can move people.

Startup teams, not projects

Projects are bounded by time, money, people, etc. We believe that agility and autonomy are crucial in a mission-centric process. Startup teams with no bounds will create new opportunities, innovate more and work more effective and efficient. 


We believe optimism is something to fight for. Nowadays fear is often used to move people and create headlines. At Mana optimism is what makes us excited about the future. It is often a bumpy road but to us it is the only road worth fighting for.

We are looking forward to find inspired people and ambitious clients

Are you our new brand designer?

Creative strategist

Are you a brand strategist with lots of experience in buisiness strategy, brand design and campaigning, and great interest in social change? Do you have the entrepreneurial mindset to make big social ideas reality? Are you comfortable working alone, leading teams and guiding clients through strategy, concept and identity processes? We need you! 

Are you our new behavioural scientist?

Behavioural scientist

Are you a behavioural scientist with a great interest in data analysis, composing beautiful tipping point brief's and a heathy appatied for positive change? Are you comfortabel working alone or playing your part in a team and lead design sessions and workshops with your team mates and clients? We need you! 

Are you our new ambitious client?

Design for impact, or go home!

We're looking for new ambitious clients

Are you our new product designer?

Product designer

Are you a UI designer with great hands on skills and creativity, familiar with product design from A to Z, lead startup methods and MVPs and comfortabel to work alone or lead teams? Do you strive for high standards in estetics and user friendly design? Are you able to translate big social ideas to simple and human products? We need you! 

Are you our new campaign manager?

Campaign manager

Are you a campaign manager with lots of experience in the (online) campaigning world? Are you comfortabel leading campaign teams, defining campaign strategies and pitching to clients? Are you creative and skilled in optimizing campaigns? Are you a growth hacker and able to define needs and wants from target groups? We need you! 


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